Farm Heroes Saga
Farm Heroes Saga Limited

Jul 24, 2021
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About This Game

Farm Heroes Saga is a crop-themed triple-play game and is played in a turn-by-turn fashion, and after every fifteen levels will even let you invite Facebook friends to unlock longer trips. 

The game has a maximum of five lives, and each game consumes one life. When a life goes to zero, you can buy it with gold bars or request a life from a friend. 

Every 30 minutes you will gain a life. There are two currencies in the game, Magic Beans and Gold Bars. Magic Beans will get a certain number of Magic Beans after each level according to the stars you get. Gold bars must be stored to get, used to buy various props, life and other items.


How To Play

Small props introduction,The game provides many small props to help pass the game, most of the props must be purchased using gold bars. Some props, such as shovels, will be given away for free every once in a while.

BUG LIST,Same as Candy Crush Saga.Unlock Levels,All internet connections to the unit must be interrupted to start. After completing all levels in each chapter area, you can open the next chapter area by completing three unlocked levels, but you must wait 72 hours to play the next unlocked level after completing each level.

How to get three stars quickly,In the action version, there will be one secret technique used at the bottom, after using it, please delay the system time to cheat the application, so you will keep the new secret technique once each, and not waste the limited number of steps.Collect various crops to win the level before you run out of moves.


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