Heads Up!
Heads Up!
Warner Bros. Entertainment

Jul 20, 2021
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About This Game

When you are at a party, you always want to play some games to liven up the atmosphere, and this game is perfect for that, you can play with two people or a group of people. The game starts with one person placing the iPhone / iPad on the top of the head and letting the other people compare or let the person holding up the device guess the correct answer through the guided vocabulary. 

There are more than forty types of word cards to choose from in the game, animals, actions, songs, people's names...it's fun and interesting, so the fun never stops for the whole party.It's what the New York Times calls an "emotional" game, and the Cosmopolitan says "it's the best money you'll ever spend." Watch out! is a fun and funny game played by Ellen DeGeneres on the Ellen Show and is one of the most fun games to play with friends!


How To Play

Select the card set category-check! One player holds the phone like a headband on his glorious forehead, then it's 3, 2, 1! Go! Try to guess the words by excitedly shouting out clues with a friend! Got the answer? ! Genius, keep your head down and keep ruling this guessing game! Can't guess what it is? Don't be nervous! Just keep your head up and jump to a new buzzword. So keep your instincts up and enjoy one of the best party games!

Looking for charades to play with your friends? Play Heads Up and enjoy this fun and entertaining game where your favorite human will call out clues with hints as you enter 60 seconds of guessing glory!Staying at home and looking for some fun isolated games to play with your kids? 

The Heads Up free app is a game for all ages and is the best online social app for your next family gathering!Nonstop fun games to play with friends at your next dinner party and family game night.

Simply tilt your phone and look up to draw a new game card!Guess what! You can keep videos of your own hilarious games to entertain yourself or share them directly to Facebook!Want to play Zoom with your friends? Put it online and enjoy some fun segregated games with friends or hundreds of players!categoriesDiverse categories allow you to challenge smart friends and entertain your kids for hours with one app!


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