ISEKAI: Demon Waifu
ISEKAI: Demon Waifu

6 August 2021
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Dear Demon Prince, welcome back to the Otherworld!Tired of being a lonely gamer and social outcast? Who says it's your destiny? You can have it all when you're willing to take all the risks! Will you become just another nobody, or will you satisfy your appetite as a demon prince? Your journey to the Otherworld begins here!Begin your journey in your besieged fortress of Paladina and set out to conquer all that is known and unknown.Strengthen your subordinates and expand the influence of your demon prince.Fall in love and turn your loved one into a princess.Challenge powerful enemies and conquer the world.The path of a demon prince is yours to decide and create your own otherworldly kingdom.


How To Play

Increase your influence. Begin your journey in your besieged fortress of Paradina and begin to conquer all that is known and unknown. As a demon prince, you'll need to take on the responsibility of protecting your people, leading your army to defeat your enemies, and expanding your demonic influence! Leave a romantic legacy. You can use portals to travel anywhere on the continent of Paradina and meet a variety of beautiful girls along the way. Use your charm to melt their hearts, increase your affection, and boost the power of your kingdom.

Assemble powerful guardians. Recruit men, gather elite troops and become the master of the other world. There is a wide variety of minions for you to explore. Each subordinate has a different skill. Strengthening your mastery and defeating your enemies is your ultimate goal! Dominate real-time PVP. The strongest man earns respect! Strengthen your kingdom and challenge other players. Strengthen your kingdom and challenge other players. Defeat them at all costs and fight for supreme glory in cross-services battles! King's style. You can dress as exquisitely as you like. There are different outfits for you, your spouse and minions to choose from. Show your taste and love with what you wear! Make friends in the guild. Make friends, build guilds and fight side by side. Lead the guild with your friends and become more powerful than others.


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