Jul 9, 2021
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Township is a casual farming and city building game developed and launched by Playrix on multiple platforms. The goal is to develop an initial town by building factories, harvesting crops and creating goods.Harvest crops, process them in factories and sell the goods to keep developing your town. Trade with distant islands. Open restaurants, cinemas and other community buildings to give your town a unique flavour and life. Explore the mines for energy and find antiques. Run your own zoo and collect animals from around the world.Ready to build your dream? Let's get started!

Dream Town features.You can create a unique dream town with distinctive buildings and decorations.You can grow a variety of crops and process them in the factory.You will receive orders from the interesting and charming residents of the town.You will be able to collect antiques in the town's mines.Go to the island and bring back exotic goods.You can build a zoo and even breed animals.You can decorate the town with famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and more!Play with your Facebook friends and make some new friends in the gaming community!


How To Play

The gameplay is built on the core of agricultural and production puzzles and a cause-and-effect sequence board game. Players begin harvesting crops such as wheat, corn, carrots, potatoes, sugar cane, cocoa, tomatoes, rubber, silk and strawberries. Assets are used to produce goods in the factory to earn gold and experience points.

 In the initial levels, players are assisted by a character named Ernie, who provides them with a short tutorial. For example, he explains that the process of feeding the cows and producing milk can take up to 20 minutes or happen immediately by using the game's currency. To produce eggs, wool and bacon, players can farm chickens, sheep and pigs. There are over 250 commodities to harvest or produce. Production puzzles are driven by orders, which first appear on the helipad.

 The game is synchronised with real time and the reward for accepting a task depends on the time it takes to manufacture the product.Township's city-building mechanics differ from traditional games in the genre. Layout and planning have a minimal impact on the outcome, allowing players to focus primarily on the maintenance aspect. They can use different categories of buildings - houses, community and agricultural buildings, factories, decorations and special . 

Community buildings and houses have the most significant impact on the town development strategy. They are needed to increase the population cap, which is necessary to build factories and expand the territory. Barns set the capacity of all items the player can store and can be renewed by collecting enough building materials from trains or through special barn upgrade tickets. Players can design their town with over 200 available decorations, such as plants, yachts and castles.


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