Mr Autofire
Mr Autofire
Lightheart Entertainment Oy

Jul 1, 2021
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About This Game

Mr Autofire is, as the name suggests, a shooter in which you can fire your weapons automatically. Mobile gaming is no stranger to automatic shooters, but for this type of gameplay, this game could easily be the culmination of various posters. 

You play as Mr Autofire himself and encounter several enemies. This includes some scary bosses on certain levels. You start with a nice forest platform map and then move on to other locations. The more you move forward, the more difficult it becomes, so be prepared. We'll give you some tips to remember during your fireworks show adventure. 

The real world is in tatters and the monsters are coming in! It's time to decide if you want to step up to the plate. Bring your best weapons and perform your best skills, because you are the guardian of everything on ......!Fight your way through and kill the alien beasts head on or attack them from behind, the choice is yours. 

In the end you'll lose, it's tough, it's frustrating? But! You'll find plenty of loot to acquire bigger and more powerful weapons to destroy any enemy in your way! Finally, the bullets flying through the air are so dense that it's hard to breathe. 

All right, now it's off to destroy the enemy!


How To Play

Keep moving As Mr Autofire has auto-ignition, it's a good idea to keep moving. Movement and dodging are very important here as you don't have to worry about firing your own weapons. Make use of the multiple platforms around the map.Keep dodging and keep moving. 

Enemies will try to follow you. And because the guns are automatic, you only need to be closest to the monster you want to take out. Quickly take out one target and then switch to the next one you want to deal with.Never stop moving, as that will get you into trouble. Just because you are Mr. Autofire does not mean you are Mr. Autosafe. The monsters in the game can do a lot of damage, so keep that in mind. 

Your health is good, but it may be dropping faster than you think.Choose the best power-upWhen playing Mr Auto Shooter, you will start to get weapon upgrades as you progress. You'll see this in other Run experiences, and it applies here too. Once you reach a level or two, you'll get upgrades there, but you can only choose one.It could be doubling your health per shot, or restoring health after a kill. After completing the wave, there are several random pop-ups. Try and choose wisely, then consider which one is best for you.The good news is that if you survive, you are likely to encounter one of the same upgrades you considered before. As a result, you will have the current upgrade, as well as the one you decided not to choose but may still want. Winner of the championship, Chicken Dinner.

Use the double jump There is a cute little double jump button that allows you to make mincemeat out of your enemies. This will make things easier when you're trying to evade an attack. Plus, you don't have to worry about the lack of platforms that can sometimes get you into trouble. Not to mention, using this feature allows you to make your style unique. Jump over enemies and watch Mr Autofire drop hail from above. This is a great way to kill enemies, please be careful not to land on them as it will drain some life points. But using the double jump feature is a great way to use Mr Autofire's 'special power' to your advantage. As we mentioned earlier, the game involves both evasion and attack. So go ahead, shake up your agility a little and kill it like a legend!


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